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If you are a pet lover continue reading, if not… I have lots of photography related content on the site.  Recently we lost our cat Izzy, we had her about 10 years and we were  lucky enough to rescue her while we lived on Okinawa Japan.


Izzy was a character to say the least.   Lots of spirit and a wonderful addition to our family. She had us trained very well.


The majority of our pets over the years have come from animal shelters. My wife and I set out about a week after Izzy passed on to find a local shelter where we could adopt a kitten. We like the idea of a no kill shelters as so many pets of all types are put down every year, it’s a truly sad thing. It’s estimated that 4 million pets are put down each year in the US.   If you think about it, this is almost the entire population of Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Just in Maricopa county alone here in Phoenix animal control takes in 55,000 strays a year.

The video above is one from the Humane Society of America If you would like to learn more about what they do and how you can help, please spend some time on their site.

Phoenix Local Shelter

Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA

My wife and I found the Arizona Animal Welfare League and SPCA.   It’s the oldest and largest no kill shelter in Arizona.  The facility is located @ 30 N 40th Place, Phoenix AZ 85034.

We arrived at the shelter and one of the first things which struck us was how nice the staff were. Everyone was very pleasant and passionate about what they were doing at the shelter.  They gave us a little tour of the facility, it was very clean and presentable. You could tell the animals were well taken care of and the staff has a lot of pride in what they are doing.  The facility is divided in to a couple of sections. They have a cat section and a dog section.

The dogs are all in covered shade and have nice clean areas to live in. The cats are housed in another section as I mentioned. For having so many cats, it didn’t smell like they had tons of cats.  I think this is a testament again to how the staff keeps the facility so nice.

One thing to note, for the month of June, the shelter is waiving fees for any cat which is 6 months or older.  They have so many wonderful more mature cats if you do not want to go through the kitten phase.

Currently the shelter has a huge project going on. They have a new facility being built and need your help with funding. The funding was provided by a donor but they need additional funds for daily operations once the project is complete.  Have a look on their site to learn more about how you can help.


We spent about 3 hours in the kitten room. If I were to guess, I would say they have about 40+ kittens at anytime in the room.  It was a hard process to narrow our selection down to one kitten.  So… we picked three we really liked and decided to wait a couple of days to make a decision on adoption.

All the animals at the shelter have been spayed or neutered, given their shots, and micro chipped.  This is all included in your adoption fee.  You are provided with the animals complete health history, a free bag of food and 30 days pet insurance.

Our new additions

Meet Jinx and Jazmine.  They are just now three months old and have been with us for about two weeks now. Never a dull moment! Being they are so close in age, they play together really well and they tend to sleep together as well. They have claimed areas of the house as their own as well.  Jazmine picket our bed to chill in and Jnx likes my computer chair.  I have to be careful to not sit on him as my chair is black.

One thing I will say about the shelter, all the kittens/cats are well handled and for the most part our two do not fear anything. Big personalities! They are a blast to have in the house.







A few other shots from the 1st day we brought them home.

Do drop in to your local shelters for the next addition to your family. With our adoptions, up to 8 new cats can/will be rescued from other shelters and brought to this no kill shelter. If you live in Phoenix, please visit the Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA no kill shelter. The can always use your help and so can the animals.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

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