Google Plus…give it a try.

I made the transition over to G+ about 3 weeks ago.  Like most anything, I’m not a big fan of just jumping in when a new product comes out. I waited a little while to see how G+ was going to pan out.  I’ve been on Facebook for some time now and it’s been good and bad.  The changes they have made over the past couple of years… I have mixed feelings over.  Being a photographer I’ve never liked the way Facebook displayed my images.   One of the other issues I have/had with Facebook was all the games, horoscopes, gold coins, and any other (to me) annoying app/advertisement which ended up on my wall.

In steps Google +

I’m not going to tell you it’s perfect, it’s still in Beta… but… it’s much nicer/friendlier to use.  To top it off… at this point.. no annoying items as mentioned above (so far).  There is room to improve and I think Google will address some issues over time. For now, I’ve all but left Facebook.

By now there are a million reviews of G+ on the net…. I’ll just touch on a couple of things and then it’s up to you to decide if you want to give it a try.

Google Plus 1

Google graphics byJimmy bjorkman


Main Page

The main page when you first start with G+ isn’t very easy to read in my opinion.  It’s a little bit of a pain to see who is posting what.  Well, this is an easy fix with a simple extension for your Chrome browser.    Nice easy on the eyes background color. Each person who comments has their own block with collapsible comments.  You can also hide the block, collapse it for later, or remove it.  Just looks and flows much nicer than Facebook IMO.   Click HERE for the resource link.


Notice how the user  has a nice little gallery posted… again… G+ is much friendlier towards your images.


When you click on the photos icon you get to see the images of other contacts in a collage.  Visually, it’s great!  Again… this is a + over Facebook … I can see a large collection of images from contacts all over the world right in one spot.  The little numbers in the top right corners are comments from other people on the images.


When you click on the image this is what you will see.  Notice how nice the comment system is to your right. Very user friendly.  The images are displayed very well, no ugly compression.  Just a nice looking image!  ( I had to shrink the image to fit the blog)   Left and right arrows allow you to browse the persons gallery.

Photo Sample

Uploading images to G+ is a snap… you can pick and choose how the images will be shared out.  Say you only want to share images with family and friends… no problem… G+ allows you to select who sees what.

Another great way to get albums on to your G+ page is with Picasa (free)… you simply select which images you want to share… right mouse click and share them online. Picasa will walk you through the steps.


This is where you add your contacts.  Very simple and straight forward.  You create the circles as you see fit… add your contacts… and it’s just that simple.  You can assign a person to multiple circles.   The blurred squares are my contacts.  But you can see the circles I’ve created below.

Google Circles

Since I joined G+ a few weeks ago, my contacts have doubled.  I’ve been able to add more photographers from all over the globe.  This is fantastic IMO… it’s wonderful to see all the inspiring work they produce.

As I mentioned above, there are plenty of reviews out on the net. I’ve hardly scratched the surface of  at this point,  I just wanted to share a few thoughts with you about G+.   I’ve enjoyed it so far and I think it’s only going to get better.  I’ve added the +1’s to my site.  So… if you sign up for G+ and like something on here… +1 it.

Do drop in the Chrome Web Store to see all the amazing extensions you can add to the browser to make G+ so nice to use.


If you’ve made it this far in the post… and you are not a G+ user just yet….  I’ve included an invitation link below.  There are only 146 invitations… so… sign up quick if you want to give it a try.



Thanks for the visit.

About the Author
Frank Hatcher | Professional photographer based out of Phoenix Arizona.


  1. Grateful says:

    thanks for the invite 🙂

    1. Very welcome… enjoy G+


  2. Psmeg says:

    I’d have agree with you there H, Facebook has always felt like the developers are just bolting new features on regardless of how well integrated they feel to the end user. G+ feels more cohesive and planned so far. This may all change when it leaves public beta and ads, etc. start to show up; but for now it certainly is an improvement.

    Will the majority of people migrate? Who knows, and is it such a bad thing if they don’t? Lol

    Paul C

    1. If they keep all the junk which makes FB a PITA to many people off of G+…. I think it will be very popular. They are adding a games channel… hopefully… you won’t see Farmville invites and all the other junk. Keeping my fingers crossed… really like how G+ is at the moment. Time will tell. Hope all is well. Hatch

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  4. hatch1921 says:

    50 million users and counting… give it a try!